==== What is it: ================================================================================================================== ip2c.org exists to resolve IPs to country codes/names. | + fast and simple URL API + updated daily + has information on over 4,287,275,793 IPv4s » please read Inputs and Outputs sections for instructions Your IP is and it's listed as
United States of America (the) in today's dataset.
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This service is FREE (LGPL) because we strongly support technology sharing. FREE does not imply low quality. Our uptime has been 99.95% since the beginning of 2009, courtesy of ultra-simple design. Amount of requests per user / per day is unlimited, just be reasonable. Currently we can sustain a maximum of about 80 million per day.
==== News: ======================================================================================================================== Apr 5 New country codes have been introduced. Read more in the Countries page. 2023 Nov 24 Webnet77.com domain became a malware site - be careful! @Stephen - thank you for the heads up. 2022 Apr 16 Seems like something happened to our IP data provider - Webnet77.com Their domains show nameserver problems. IP2C data won't be updated for the time being - sorry. Check back for more news later. 2021 2020 Nov 4, 10:10 p.m. UTC 13 billion requests served. Sep 5, 2:01:23 a.m. UTC 12 billion requests served. Jul 9, 8:55:19 p.m. UTC 11 billion requests served. May 6, 3:21:06 a.m. UTC 10 billion requests served. Mar 10, 12:07:35 p.m. UTC 9 billion requests served. Jan 9, 8:52:27 p.m. UTC 8 billion requests served. 2019 Oct 30, 6:57:20 p.m. UTC 7 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 1802k:1. Aug 5, 3:45:14 a.m. UTC 6 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 1580k:1. May 24 Added Privacy policy and Compliance with GDPR page. May 12 ~ 13 Possible momentary outages with error HTTP 500 Hosting provider's fault - "planned" maintenance for "only some" of the servers, but somehow all of our 5 servers were affected. Apr 15 HTTPS has been added. You can still use HTTP if you want (e.g. if your app can't make https requests). Apr 1, 3:15:10 a.m. UTC 5 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 1362k:1. Mar 14 10 years of service - total give:take ratio at 1330k:1. Thank you for your trust! Tell all your friends :) Consider donating $1 for each year ip2c was useful to you ;) 2018 Nov 28, 5:42:54 p.m. UTC 4 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 1128k:1. Jul 7, 11:28:45 a.m. UTC 3 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 881k:1. May 1 ~ 16 Transparently transitioning to better servers, should yield +50% load capacity. Mar 14 9 years of service - total give:take ratio at 690k:1. Also PI day Jan 20, 3:16:22 a.m. UTC 2 billion requests served - total give:take ratio at 618k:1. 2017 Dec 16, 6:22 p.m. ~ 2:08 a.m. UTC Filesystem problem on 1 of our 3 servers, might have caused malformed responses to ~10% requests. Sep 12, 9:45 a.m. ~ 3:35 p.m. UTC outage Hosting provider's fault, possible momentary outages on 1 of our 3 servers. Poland... They say the cause is datacenter-wide DDoS from competition. Sep 6, 9:25 ~ 10:05 a.m. UTC outage Hosting provider's fault, datacenter-wide outage. Jun 13, 4:02:50 p.m. UTC Billionth request served - total give:take ratio at 332k:1. Jun 11 Added header: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Now it should work with Ajax/XHR. This feature was overlooked for too long... May 31 outage Today we had a total of about 50 minutes of partial outages around 2 and 4 p.m. Our hosting provider rolled out updates for 500k of their clients, without testing. May 15 Stat functions have been rewritten and are up-to-date again. Apr 10 Design has been modified to support pooled servers. Currently running on 3 apaches in round-robin. This is due to hosting environment not supporting nginx and php-fpm anymore. Some stats can be out-of-date until we rewrite them to fit the new design. Mar 24 8 years of service - total give:take ratio at 277k:1. 2016 Nov 21 Added live graph to Stats page. Bored engineers in da house. Oct 25 Added Users of the Month page. Enjoy. Fun fact: French users exhibit EMF (End of Month FeverTM). Oct 17 Added a try-it form to About page - for newcomers. Added users & countries to Stats page. Oct 4 Server software upgraded: ubuntu 10.04 → 14.04 | apache 2.2 → nginx 1.4.6 | mod_php → php-fpm | php 5.2 → 5.5.9 Tested at ~820 reqs per second, limited only by uplink bandwidth. Have fun overloading it. Jul 7 ~ Jul 13 outage Segfault in Apache occured on Jul 7, 5:35 a.m. UTC, daemon somehow failed to restart it. We haven't noticed this until Jul 13, 5:45 p.m. UTC, being preocuppied with other professional affairs. We apologize for this epic fail. Watchdog has been implemented. Apr 18 A record has been set! 16.7 million requests served in one day! Mar 14 ip2c.org is 7 years old \^~^/ with total give:take ratio at 192k:1. 2015 Nov 12 home.pl update: Over the last two weeks we inquired 9 times about proof of alleged server overload (2 phone calls, 7 emails). They failed to produce even a single fact, of course. Instead they suggested 5 times that we should buy a more expensive hosting plan. Oct 30, 1 p.m. ~ 12 a.m. UTC outage Flush your DNS tables and restart your apps - we had to change server IP! Our hosting provider home.pl blocked without warning our entire server in order to extort more money. They stated that ip2c.org generates too much load and destabilizes their infrastructure. Note that home.pl is the biggest and the most advanced hosting provider in the country, whereas one IP lookup takes 3 io (ram cached), lasts about 1.0ms, and prints between 13-46 bytes + http. Too much load my ass. They hadn't actually noticed the last 200,000,000 'destabilizing' requests for months until we contacted their support on Oct 28 and politely asked about their cpu load limits etc. At that moment, suddenly, a catastrophe of melting datacenters revealed itself, and they were forced to take swift action... against a free public service. Their proposed solution was 'buy a more expensive hosting plan'. Fuck you home.pl, you are officially relieved of this gruelling duty. Everything is back online 12 hours later, now featuring hardcore thunderous 2-core 1gb ubuntu box - owned by us, no 3rd party involved, no conflict of interest. Oct 4 13 months and 264 million requests later, our give:take ratio has gone from 37k:1 to 141k:1 (6.5 year total). Last month alone is 1.3m:1. 2014 Oct 17 Domain renamed to ip2c.org for convenience. GeoLoc.daiguo.com still works for backwards compatibility. Sep 9 Added new input notations based on mod_rewrite. This upgrade is minor but long due. Sep 7 We have seen around the Net people assume this service simply forwards requests to Software77 servers. In reality, since day 1, this service resolves requests locally, and calls Software77 once a day for updated data. In 5.5 years we have accessed Software77 servers about 2k times, while producing 74m+ answers on our own. We are actually relieving their servers of load. Jul 9 License changed to LGPLv3 making our service more usable. 2013 Oct 16 As IPv4 space comes close to its limit, we will deliver an IPv6 option soon. 2012 Jul 10 We are still here, no major hiccups in 2.5 years. Hope it serves your needs properly. 2011 2010 Jan 9 Core is redesigned and rebuilt from scratch. Databases are no longer in use, seems they were too bulky to operate. New solution features RAM-based indexed binary search. Update process has been reduced from over 60 minutes to under 10 seconds. This makes GeoLoc accurate within 2 hours after new data is published by Webnet77.com, instead of 17 hours as it was until yesterday. Jan 7 Starting 1 a.m. UTC something is really wrong. Out of 96 database update threads 34 crash during 31 hours' period. It means extreme overload generated by those other websites. Results in presumably over 30% incorrect answers by GeoLoc. 2009 Nov 22 ~ Dec 20 Server shows some strain from time to time. Not related to amount of requests, however. There are 80-90 other websites hosted virtually on the same machine as this service, they probably start getting more and more visitors - which results in shared overload. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sep 13 Added load distribution (4 parallel databases) If flooding takes place again, we will add automated blacklisting. This is public service after all. Sep 12 Server overwhelmed by some mad script from (France) 150,000 requests/day from a single IP is a bit too many. Anyone responsible for this - please revise your loops. Everyone - consider caching retrieved results for at least one day. 'Cookie' your clients wherever possible, IP data changes slowly enough to be updated just once a day. If you feel like killing your server with thousands of IPs per second, download a csv from <http://software77.net/geo-ip> Mar 14 GeoLoc.daiguo.com says Hello World! 2008
==== Accepted inputs: ============================================================================================================= You can use http or https. https://ip2c.org/XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX or https://ip2c.org/?ip=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX | + standard IPv4 from to + e.g. we take your IP: | + URL looks like this: https://ip2c.org/ | or | https://ip2c.org/?ip= | + resulting string is: 1;US;USA;United States of America (the) https://ip2c.org/XXXXXXXXXX or https://ip2c.org/?dec=XXXXXXXXXX | + decimal number from 0 to 4294967295 (MAX_INT) + faster than ?ip= option, less server-side processing + to convert IPv4 to decimal you only need to know this: | + (IPv4) A.B.C.D == A*256^3 + B*256^2 + C*256 + D (decimal) + e.g. == 5*256^3 + 6*256^2 + 7*256 + 8 == 5*16777216 + 6*65536 + 7*256 + 8 == 83886080 + 393216 + 1792 + 8 == 84281096 https://ip2c.org/s or https://ip2c.org/self or https://ip2c.org/?self | + processes caller's IP + faster than ?dec= option but limited to one purpose - give info about yourself Caution Some clients (e.g. ASP) may have issues while trying to open a file over HTTP. In that case a slash / preceding ?ip= is obligatory.
==== Possible outputs: ============================================================================================================ You can use http or https. 0;;;WRONG INPUT | + your request has not been processed due to invalid syntax | + e.g. bad IPv4 like 300.400.abc.256 + e.g. bad decimal like 2a3b4c or bigger than MAX_INT 1;CD;COD;COUNTRY | + contains two-letter (ISO 3166) and three-letter country codes, and a full country name + country name may be multi-word and contain spaces + e.g. we take your IP: | + URL looks like this: https://ip2c.org/ | or | https://ip2c.org/?ip= | + resulting string is: 1;US;USA;United States of America (the) 2;;;UNKNOWN (deprecated) | + given ip/dec not found in database or not yet physically assigned to any country + unlikely to get this response now, as data is cleaned up and there should be no gaps Output is always semicolon delimited text/plain - you can pass it to any type of application. The first digit indicates status so you don't have to always parse the whole string. + Actually, the first digit is kept mainly for backward compatibility and historical reasons. It is recommended to understand the differences between some special codes which can occur after the 1; result. Please see the list of possible country codes.
==== PHP example: ================================================================================================================= $ip = ''; //or any other IP here $s = file_get_contents('http://ip2c.org/'.$ip); switch($s[0]) { case '0': echo 'Something wrong'; break; case '1': $reply = explode(';',$s); echo '<br>Two-letter: '.$reply[1]; echo '<br>Three-letter: '.$reply[2]; echo '<br>Full name: '.$reply[3]; break; case '2': echo 'Not found in database'; break; } ==== Java example: ================================================================================================================ String ip = ""; //or any other IP here HttpURLConnection urlcon = (HttpURLConnection)new URL("http://ip2c.org/"+ip).openConnection(); urlcon.setDefaultUseCaches(false); urlcon.setUseCaches(false); urlcon.connect(); InputStream is = urlcon.getInputStream(); int c = 0; String s = ""; while((c = is.read()) != -1) s+= (char)c; is.close(); switch(s.charAt(0)) { case '0': System.out.println("Something wrong"); break; case '1': String[] reply = s.split(";"); System.out.println("Two-letter: " + reply[1]); System.out.println("Three-letter: " + reply[2]); System.out.println("Full name: " + reply[3]); break; case '2': System.out.println("Not found in database"); break; }
==== Country codes: =============================================================================================================== The list of all possible country codes which can occur in the Outputs Officially assigned ISO 3166 countries AD AND Andorra AE ARE United Arab Emirates (the) AF AFG Afghanistan AG ATG Antigua and Barbuda AI AIA Anguilla AL ALB Albania AM ARM Armenia AO AGO Angola AQ ATA Antarctica AR ARG Argentina AS ASM American Samoa AT AUT Austria AU AUS Australia AW ABW Aruba AX ALA Åland Islands AZ AZE Azerbaijan BA BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina BB BRB Barbados BD BGD Bangladesh BE BEL Belgium BF BFA Burkina Faso BG BGR Bulgaria BH BHR Bahrain BI BDI Burundi BJ BEN Benin BL BLM Saint Barthélemy BM BMU Bermuda BN BRN Brunei Darussalam BO BOL Bolivia (Plurinational State of) BQ BES Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BR BRA Brazil BS BHS Bahamas (the) BT BTN Bhutan BV BVT Bouvet Island BW BWA Botswana BY BLR Belarus BZ BLZ Belize CA CAN Canada CC CCK Cocos (Keeling) Islands (the) CD COD Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) CF CAF Central African Republic (the) CG COG Congo (the) CH CHE Switzerland CI CIV Côte d'Ivoire CK COK Cook Islands (the) CL CHL Chile CM CMR Cameroon CN CHN China CO COL Colombia CR CRI Costa Rica CU CUB Cuba CV CPV Cabo Verde CW CUW Curaçao CX CXR Christmas Island CY CYP Cyprus CZ CZE Czechia DE DEU Germany DJ DJI Djibouti DK DNK Denmark DM DMA Dominica DO DOM Dominican Republic (the) DZ DZA Algeria EC ECU Ecuador EE EST Estonia EG EGY Egypt EH ESH Western Sahara* ER ERI Eritrea ES ESP Spain ET ETH Ethiopia FI FIN Finland FJ FJI Fiji FK FLK Falkland Islands (the) [Malvinas] FM FSM Micronesia (Federated States of) FO FRO Faroe Islands (the) FR FRA France GA GAB Gabon GB GBR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) GD GRD Grenada GE GEO Georgia GF GUF French Guiana GG GGY Guernsey GH GHA Ghana GI GIB Gibraltar GL GRL Greenland GM GMB Gambia (the) GN GIN Guinea GP GLP Guadeloupe GQ GNQ Equatorial Guinea GR GRC Greece GS SGS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GT GTM Guatemala GU GUM Guam GW GNB Guinea-Bissau GY GUY Guyana HK HKG Hong Kong HM HMD Heard Island and McDonald Islands HN HND Honduras HR HRV Croatia HT HTI Haiti HU HUN Hungary ID IDN Indonesia IE IRL Ireland IL ISR Israel IM IMN Isle of Man IN IND India IO IOT British Indian Ocean Territory (the) IQ IRQ Iraq IR IRN Iran (Islamic Republic of) IS ISL Iceland IT ITA Italy JE JEY Jersey JM JAM Jamaica JO JOR Jordan JP JPN Japan KE KEN Kenya KG KGZ Kyrgyzstan KH KHM Cambodia KI KIR Kiribati KM COM Comoros (the) KN KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis KP PRK Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) KR KOR Korea (the Republic of) KW KWT Kuwait KY CYM Cayman Islands (the) KZ KAZ Kazakhstan LA LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic (the) LB LBN Lebanon LC LCA Saint Lucia LI LIE Liechtenstein LK LKA Sri Lanka LR LBR Liberia LS LSO Lesotho LT LTU Lithuania LU LUX Luxembourg LV LVA Latvia LY LBY Libya MA MAR Morocco MC MCO Monaco MD MDA Moldova (the Republic of) ME MNE Montenegro MF MAF Saint Martin (French part) MG MDG Madagascar MH MHL Marshall Islands (the) MK MKD North Macedonia ML MLI Mali MM MMR Myanmar MN MNG Mongolia MO MAC Macao MP MNP Northern Mariana Islands (the) MQ MTQ Martinique MR MRT Mauritania MS MSR Montserrat MT MLT Malta MU MUS Mauritius MV MDV Maldives MW MWI Malawi MX MEX Mexico MY MYS Malaysia MZ MOZ Mozambique NA NAM Namibia NC NCL New Caledonia NE NER Niger (the) NF NFK Norfolk Island NG NGA Nigeria NI NIC Nicaragua NL NLD Netherlands (the) NO NOR Norway NP NPL Nepal NR NRU Nauru NU NIU Niue NZ NZL New Zealand OM OMN Oman PA PAN Panama PE PER Peru PF PYF French Polynesia PG PNG Papua New Guinea PH PHL Philippines (the) PK PAK Pakistan PL POL Poland PM SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon PN PCN Pitcairn PR PRI Puerto Rico PS PSE Palestine, State of PT PRT Portugal PW PLW Palau PY PRY Paraguay QA QAT Qatar RE REU Réunion RO ROU Romania RS SRB Serbia RU RUS Russian Federation (the) RW RWA Rwanda SA SAU Saudi Arabia SB SLB Solomon Islands SC SYC Seychelles SD SDN Sudan (the) SE SWE Sweden SG SGP Singapore SH SHN Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha SI SVN Slovenia SJ SJM Svalbard and Jan Mayen SK SVK Slovakia SL SLE Sierra Leone SM SMR San Marino SN SEN Senegal SO SOM Somalia SR SUR Suriname SS SSD South Sudan ST STP Sao Tome and Principe SV SLV El Salvador SX SXM Sint Maarten (Dutch part) SY SYR Syrian Arab Republic (the) SZ SWZ Eswatini TC TCA Turks and Caicos Islands (the) TD TCD Chad TF ATF French Southern Territories (the) TG TGO Togo TH THA Thailand TJ TJK Tajikistan TK TKL Tokelau TL TLS Timor-Leste TM TKM Turkmenistan TN TUN Tunisia TO TON Tonga TR TUR Türkiye TT TTO Trinidad and Tobago TV TUV Tuvalu TW TWN Taiwan (Province of China) TZ TZA Tanzania, the United Republic of UA UKR Ukraine UG UGA Uganda UM UMI United States Minor Outlying Islands (the) US USA United States of America (the) UY URY Uruguay UZ UZB Uzbekistan VA VAT Holy See (the) VC VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VE VEN Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) VG VGB Virgin Islands (British) VI VIR Virgin Islands (U.S.) VN VNM Viet Nam VU VUT Vanuatu WF WLF Wallis and Futuna WS WSM Samoa YE YEM Yemen YT MYT Mayotte ZA ZAF South Africa ZM ZMB Zambia ZW ZWE Zimbabwe Unofficial but widely used XK XKX Kosovo Continents don't have official codes apparently. These custom codes below will occur whenever an IP can't be precisely linked to a country but is known to be generally linked to a continent. Note the distinctions for XEU, XAU, XAN. XA XAS Asia XE XEU Europe | + standard code EU exists in ISO but it pertains to the European Union (political/economic alliance) + EU's geographical delineation is different from the continent of Europe represented by XEU + EU will never occur in the output, while XE might + EU/XE are not interchangeable + if you're looking to detect countries with GDPR restrictions, you should not assume XE solves this! + it's more complicated, look e.g. here Practical overview at GDPR Advisor XF XAF Africa XN XNA North America XS XSA South America XT XAN Antarctica and Southern Ocean | + standard code AQ is the territory of only the landmass Antarctica + XAN includes additional islands located south of ~60°S latitude + AQ/XT and ATA/XAN are not interchangeable XU XAU Australia and Oceania | + standard code AU is the territory of only the Commonwealth of Australia + which is a sub-area of the continent of Australia, which in turn is a sub-area of the region of Oceania + XAU represents the combined area of Australian continent and Oceanic islands + AU/XU and AUS/XAU are not interchangeable Non-geographical i.e. any remaining IPs XW XWW Multicast Address | + IP ranges assigned for use in IP multicasting (read more ) + 6.25% of all IPs XX XXX Unknown | + no specific information could be gathered about given IP during recent web scraping + 0.18% of all IPs XY XYY Obfuscated | + real geo can't be determined by design / intentionally + e.g. it's an anonymizing proxy or a satellite modem, etc XZ XZZ IANA Special-Purpose Address | + IP ranges reserved for technological reasons in the protocol standard (read more ) + 7.55% of all IPs ZZ ZZZ Reserved | + small subnets reserved by special circumstances other than XZ + currently ~1500 such "islands" exist globally + 0.1% of all IPs
==== License: ===================================================================================================================== This service is provided FREE under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3, 29 June 2007 https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html This means the service is provided "as is". There is NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER for the service. Use at your own risk. ==== Notes: ======================================================================================================================= Until April 2021 this service used IP to Country Database (csv) maintained by Webnet77.com These links are no longer valid, domains have been picked up by possible malware sites - be careful! http://webnet77.com/contact.html http://software77.net/geo-ip Kept here for historical reference only. Flag icons come from a free set created by GoSquared https://www.gosquared.com/resources/flag-icons You may contact the author of this service at <mail at ip2c dot org>
==== Privacy policy and Compliance with GDPR: ===================================================================================== GDPR information at Wikipedia Practical overview at GDPR Advisor ip2c.org collects these data per each API request: | + date and time of the request + IPv4 address of the client machine which initiated the request + IPv4 address which was given as a parameter in the request's query If you think about it, this is the same information as has been always collected in any standard HTTP server logs around the world, or less: time, remote IP, path/query of GET request. These data are collected for internal purposes: | + aggregate statistics, as shown in Stats and User of the Month + service quality assurance (load analysis, response accuracy analysis) + detection of abuse These data are not collected when visiting human-oriented content, such as the website you are reading now. These data are collected only for requests made with the correct input format, and if the output response starts with 1 or 2. By design, users are prevented from accidentally opening any URLs which may result in data collection. Using ip2c.org service (opening a connection to any of the URLs at *.ip2c.org or geoloc.daiguo.com domains which may cause data collection) constitutes user's consent to collection, storage and processing of the data listed above. If your website makes a call to ip2c.org over XHR/Ajax, your visitor's IP address will end up being collected by our internal logs - when XHR/Ajax is used, your visitor's device is the client machine which initiated the request. If your visitor doesn't want to connect to ip2c.org without consent or warning, this becomes your responsibility as a developer/administrator/owner of your website. ip2c.org does not set tracking cookies nor session cookies. The only cookie(s) set by about.ip2c.org are used for caching the visitior's IP-to-country resolution, which is visible only to the same visitor in sections: What is ip2c.org, Inputs, Outputs The same cookie(s) are used for eliminating duplicate hits in page statistics shown in the bottom right corner of: this page, Thank You List, User of the Month All other cookies are set by one of these: Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter. Having a name listed in the Thank You List requires an explicit written consent. All individuals whose data are present in the Thank You List have submitted their consent by direct email or by PayPal Payment Note prior to May 25th, 2018 For any inquiries regarding personal data access, modification, or removal, you may contact the administrator of this service at <mail at ip2c dot org>
==== Statistics: (2024 Jul 25, 12:46 UTC+2) ====================================================================================== 47,770,970,292 requests processed since 2008 Mar 14 379,808 last 15 minutes ╠ 422 req/s ╬ 29% system load ╣ 18,261,108 today so far
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34,911,743 requests yesterday by 2,611,421 users from 238 countries 33,960,522 last 7 days average 33,369,931 last 30 days average Graphs: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013+zoomed 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 30 days 12 years
==== (c)2008-2023 ip2c.org ================================================================ IP data: 2024 Jul 24, 16:03 UTC+2 ==== ==== → User of the Month ← ==== x.x.15.175
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